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"Are we in like Manner to be given up to the Disposal of the East India Company, who have now the Assurance, to step forth in Aid of the Minister, to execute his Plan, of enslaving America? Their Conduct in Asia for some Years past, has given simple Proof, how little they regard the Laws of Nations, the Rights, Liberties or Lives of Men. They have levied War, excited Rebellions, dethroned lawful Princes, and sacrificed Millions for the Sake of Gain. The Revenue of Mighty Kingdoms have centered in their Coffers. And these not being sufficient to glut their Avarice, they have, by the most unparalleled Barbarities, Extortions, and Monopolies, stripped the miserable Inhabitants of their Property, and reduce whole Provinces to Indigence and Ruin. Fifteen hundred Thousands, it is said, perished by Famine in one Year, not because the Earth denied its Fruits; but [because] this Company and their Servants engulfed all the Necessaries of Life, and set them so high at a Rate that the poor could not purchase them. Thus having drained the Sources of the immense Wealth…they now, it seems, cast their Eyes on America, as a new Theatre, whereon to exercise their Talents." -- Rusticus, in "The Alarm", a colonial American "Broadside", 1773.

Saturday, May 22, 2004

Interesting Evidence Suggests the Solar System May Not Have Condensed From a Bok Globule.

This is interesting stuff.

Until now, it has always been thought that we formed from a giant cloud of matter called a Bok Globule that condensed. Well, hold on to your hat, the formation of the Solar System may have been more exciting than this according to astrophysicists at Arizona State University, and we may have formed not too differently than regions like the Triffid Nebula and the Orion Nebula.

If this plays out, it does answer a lot of questions.

It must drive the Republicans nuts every time we get closer and closer to the truth of creation. Why do you think they defunded the Hubble's camera upgrades during the exposure of the Hubble Ultra-Deep Field?

If we don't kick them out en-masse, they may just defund the Webb Observatory, it's possibilities with it's huge compound array scare the hell outta these whackjob creationists.


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